04 Sun gazing Part 3

Sun gazing usually takes place in the morning or evening. You should be barefoot and in the dirt. Hira Ratan Manek is the man in the western world that made sun gazing “cool”. He stands by his research and findngs. It is so interesting. He swears he has gone 8 years without eating because he gets all his nutrients from the sun while he sun gazes. It originated in India as early as 1995. The studies included people fasting and sun gazing. The first one lasted 211 days. The second one lasted 411. That is so crazy. That is over a year without eating. It is so cool that the sun can give you the nutrients you need and your body does not need food. The third study took place in the US. In philly. It only lasted 130 days, but that is still so cool. Sun gazing is different for everyone. Their bodies are different so therefore different results. To reach the 44 minutes mentioned in the blog before this one it will take you 9-10 months. It is very stressed that you stay within the time limit because it can be extremely damaging to your eyes if you do not. Sunrise and sunset only. The hour when it comes up and the hour when it goes down.


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