04 Sun-gazing part 6

Sun gazing has so many stories going around about it. Some swear that it is a gift sent from above, which makes sense. Some think it is all a hoax. The people that think that it doesn’t work has not tried it. Actually some that think it doesn’t work say they have tried it. You have to commit to it once you start. You cannot start and do it for a week and expect to never eat again. It is a lengthy process. You have to do it every day until you reach you maximum. People will think it is a hoax, if they do not commit and give it time to nourish their bodies. It is such an interesting concept. You can read the hoax stories and read the stories of where it worked and compare the two. I personally think that it works. There is more times and stoires of it actually working. I mean with it being NASA approved I would think that, that is a pretty good source to get factual information from. Everyone has their own opinions and always will, but I encourage those who think it is a hoax to research or even commit and try it themselves.


One thought on “04 Sun-gazing part 6

  1. Great post Paige! My mom always told me that you can’t say you don’t like something until you try it, so I agree with you that people shouldn’t judge the sun gazing process until they try it themselves!


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